The Pythian Games are organised by the Lustrum Committee of Cultural Umbrella Apollo. The festival is organised to advance the main goals of Apollo with the extra Lustrum budget. The committee is constituted with the following members:

Emma Donkers, chairman 

Growing up with music and ballet, Emma played at the studentorchestras of the UT, dances ballroom and sings in the student choir. She also has a passion for reading and writing. Due to all these cultural hobbies she decided to do a board year at Apollo in 2019-2020 and is active in various committees at the Umbrella association since.

Robin Waterval, secretary

Other than some mandatory courses in high school, Robin has not been active in culture in his youth. He did always enjoy to sing along with his favourite songs on the radio/ mp3 player. When he started studying Technical Computer Science in 2016 and discovered the student choir during the introduction week, he immediately became a member. Since then he has been active in various committees and has been on the board of the choir and Cultural Umbrella Apollo.

Pascalle Verlaan, Treasurer

Growing up, Pascalle has been very busy with theater and events. Her parents are on the board of a local foundation for theater productions and are involved with multiple events and projects in the area, and as a result she has been surrounded by culture and events all her life. In 2016 she started with the bachelor Technical Medicine at the Unvisity of Twente, where she has been active at the choir, ballroom association and a musical production. From there on, she did a year on the board of the Cultural Umbrella Apollo where she first took up the function of chairman for a year and event manager for the year after.

Rian Holtrigter, PR and external Affairs 

Rian has been busy with various cultural hobbies from a young age, including dance and music. As a student she played at the student orchestra of the university, taught modern dance and now sings at the student choir. With all these interests she got involved with Cultural Umbrella Apollo and is doing a board year there in 2021-2022.

Duru Sukacli

Aron Boerkamp