The festival would not be able to be organised without the help of the crew. If you want to help out preparing for the festival and/or during the weekend itself, you can sign up with the following form:

Among the crew there are various tasks that are performed such as:


The promotion team helps promote for the weekend itself, making sure that the event is well known amongst students throughout all of the Netherlands.


The logistics team is responsible for getting everything to the right place. Afterwards they mainly direct the building team to what they need to prepare.


During the festival there are multiple occasions where food and drinks are served. The Catering team makes sure that everything happens according to food safety standards etc.


All the various workshop and competition locations also require a lot of setup. The building team will help out preparing the stages, technique and the festival tent.

Stage management

Most competitions also have their own stage crew. They oversee the general proceedings of the competition. Their tasks include getting people ready to go on stage, changing minor things on stage such as microphones, (help) presenting the competition / performances.

Info Desk

Although we can prepare for a lot of things and inform the participants accordingly, there will also be things during the weekend that can’t be figured out immediately. The team at the info desk will help out with this. They can answer questions about signing up, ticket issues etc.

Media team

The festival itself will be a lot of fun, but it would also be fun if we can commemorate all the activities. The media team will help make photos, so we can still enjoy the memories for the upcoming years.


During the Event we will have a lot of participants. Even though we also asked the local branche of the Dutch Red Cross to help with first-aid, since the activities are spread out over quite a large surface area, we will also need EROs on the various locations to assist in basic first aid until the Red Cross can take over.