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Dear visitor,

Currently the website is still under construction while we are working on the program for the festival as well as the entire set up. Until then you can find a description of the festival below.

This festival will be open for Students all over the Netherlands. The main part of the Pythian games will be the competitions and lots of workshops. There will be many different competitions in the categories: music, dance, visual arts, theatre, games and writing. Next to this there will also be lots of different workshops throughout the weekend and other fun activities in the evening. For those who don’t live in or close to Enschede it will be possible to sleep on campus during the entire weekend. 

There will be a few different kinds of tickets available. 

  • A ticket for the entire weekend: You can participate in any competition(s) you would like, join any number of workshops for free, spectate the competitions and enjoy the evening activities.
  • A ticket for one day: You can join the competitions, workshops and other activities on on one single day
  • A spectators ticket: You can watch the competition that your ticket is for. 

If you are interested in participating in the Pythian Games you can sign up for our participant interest list so we can keep you updated on any important new information and let you know when the sign-ups open.

To make this event possible we also need a lot of help from volunteers, so if you’d like to help out as volunteer, please sign up via the volunteer interest list.

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